• Community Association Law

    1) Governing Document Amendments:  Our office can help your community plan for the future by reviewing and amending your governing documents.

  • Collections

    Our firm handles all areas of debt collection and judgment enforcement.  We understand that each client is unique and we tailor our debt collection services to maximize your financial recovery.

  • Landlord Tenant Disputes

    If you are a tenant or landlord, you have legal rights under Florida Law.

  • Foreclosure Defense

    If you are served with foreclosure papers, there is no need to panic.  We will file a response on your behalf and request for additional time.

  • Social Security Disability Claims

    Social Security Disability is split into two categories:

    1) Supplemental Security Income (SSI):     Social Security payments to people with low income/resources who are considered disabled

  • Veterans Benefits

    Our Firm helps veterans and their loved ones recover the benefits they deserve.